Our Story

KVAKA is a consulting boutique in the field of human decision making.

Since today being close is not enough, you have to be inside.

We uncover the motives that drive consumers, identify the pivotal points in the decision-making process, decipher emotions, identify market trends, shed light on the reasons behind the creation of these trends and anticipate what is coming next.

By means of various models of providing insight into and decoding the process of decision making in various areas of human life, we make it easier for you to design and position your products and services.

We do so with precision, clarity and efficiency, as our 24 years of experience in the business have provided us with an opportunity to witness a number of situations involving budgets spent to no effect, failed positioning and wrong messages.

Do not miss out on this opportunity and settle for ‘coming close’. Enter the complex world of human decision making – find out what the CATCH is.

Our Idea

An individual is in the focus of our universe. We deal with people.

We give you a ‘consumer insight’ in:


Awareness of the world around us and experiences we acquire build as people and impact our future behaviour. You can discover the way they relate in U&A, Satisfaction or Trends studies. We help you innovate, develop and grow.


Our idea is to be with the consumer in the spotlight and understand the real reasons behind choosing a product. We provide a complete insight in this complex process by combining Customer Journey mapping, Mystery shooping, ‘shop along’and observation ethnography but also through retrospective interviews with the buyers done immediately after the purchase.


We excel where computers and algorithms fail – we understand decision-making process, test concepts, products and messages in the real world with help of Design Thinking methodology – giving you the key and insight into human heart. Becausee consumers are more than anything emotional beings who base their decisions on rational and emotional component equally. ‘Small data’ opens door for bigger innovation.


We have been dealing with human behaviour, their decisions and choices for 24 years so far, starting in GfK, one of leading world agencies, and continuing in KVAKA.

Our experience helps us to recognise business problem easily. Challenges of a new project, combining traditional methods in a new way, getting the wider picture of the problem and finding simple guidelines for the clients is what we’ve been striving for in this business for years.


Analytical, critical, you can always do better, Tamara is pure energy that makes you move forward. In KVAKA team she is a passionate fan of analysis and penetrating the depths of human behaviour.



‘Asking questions is what mum does’ uttered by her daughter and we would only like to add that she does it very well. Tanja is an incredibly curious explorer; in KVAKA she is in quest of new challenges and business solutions that satisfy the clients.



She likes to say she is a lucky charm and she does that job good in KVAKA. She learned the investigative methods by heart. Any business problems can hardly catch her of guard, but she often catches us of guard (positively) with her creative solutions.


Our Clients


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